The Shelter

Situated underneath towering pines you can keep dry and still cook when one of our Pembrokeshire showers catches you out. Yes it does occasionally rain in-between the glorious sunshine!

Great location close to lots of beaches. Lived up to my expectations and more!
— Elicia

A place to shelter and gather. 

We always knew we needed a space to cook, eat & socialise that was protected from the elements. The large pine trees that fringe the garden were the obvious location but we didn’t want to build anything. We wanted a light touch - the same as everything else we’ve created in the garden - our natural surroundings are really important to us. So we’ve hung large waterproof canvas sails that cover a large table, barbecue, preparation bench with all the kitchen extras you might need when cooking outdoors. You may just want to flip a quick burger and get back out for one more walk before the stars appear.